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Alani Grapefruit - Tart and citrusy, like peeling a ripe grapefruit in the morning.  A perfect wake-me-up.

Aloha Lei - The essence of plumeria, tuberose, gardenia and pikake ...all the perfect lei flowers of Hawaii blended to create this popular fragrance.

Apple Jack 'n Peel - Blend of red apple, cinnamon, clove and orange.  A perfect way to welcome fall.  Available in Soy Candles and Soap Leaves only, September - November.

Black Coconut - Rich, sweet coconut covered in rum with a touch of island blossoms

Cabana Boy (Drakkar Noir for Men) - A dramatic, classic scent that brings a touch of excitement to everything you do. Lavender, citrus and spicy berries mix with sandalwood to create a distinctive scent. This men's cologne is ideal for every occasion, whether you're catching some waves or going to a luau.

Caribbean Coconut - This scent is as pure as fresh, ripe, shredded coconut.  No notes of almond or cream here...just luscious coconut.

Coco Mango - Mouthwatering, ripe mango fragrance with a smooth coconut finish.

Coconut Almond Milk - True to the name, a perfect blend of all three scents.  This fragrance took the OC Fair by storm.  It had us heading back to the shop to make more every week.

Coconut Lemongrass - These two fragrances are just meant for each other. Discover the sensory treasure of tantalizing lemongrass enhanced with the tropical pleasures of coconut. Refreshment at its' best.

Girl Crush - Fruity, fun and flirty, reminds us of our favorite female friend'js fragrance.

Hawaiian Mimosa - Fresh orange sorbet blends smoothly with champagne bubbles.  This is a slightly sweet, effervescent fragrance.  You will swear the bubbles are tickling your nose!

Hawaiian Sandalwood - The most fragrant of all sandalwoods, this is an exotic blend of pineapple, mango and guava topped off with soft sandalwood notes.

Island Girl - (Most Popular!) A sweet bouquet of mandarin, bergamot and orange enhanced by peach and berries with an undertone of musk.  This is a close duplicate of Victoria's Secret "Love Spell".

Kai - A refreshing, crisp ocean scent that is an invigorating blend of sea spray, juniper berry, white sage, and jasmine.  Kinda reminds me of a surfer who has just landed back on the beach.  This fragrance has been added to our Kane (Men's) line, but many females love it too.

Maui Mango - Sweet, ripened mango straight from the islands.  We discontinued this fragrance and brought it back after hundreds of requests.  All we can say is, "it's baaack!".

Melona - cool slices of vine-ripened, sun-kissed melon delivered fresh from the farm on Kauai

Pikake - Laced with the fragrance of the islands, this fragrance evokes that sweet welcome as you step off the plane and begin a relaxing, fun-filled vakay.  Pikake flowers are the traditional blossoms used for making leis on Hawaii.

Pineapple - Full, fresh and juicy pineapple, so bursting with flavor it will make your mouth water!  Succulent chunks of juicy pineapple take you straight to the islands!

Pink Bikini - (Most Popular!!) Can you say Cotton Candy?  This fragrance will remind you of the pleasures and flavors of childhood with a playful blend of vanilla and caramel.  Middle and bottom notes include bergamot, sicilian orange, raspberry, fig leaves, lily of the valley, licorice, strawberry, red fruit, cotton candy, vanilla, caramel, musk, wood, and powder.

Plumeria - (Most Popular) A Hawaiian delight, this fragrance is also known as the Flower of Bali or frangipani.  You'll be whisked away to a tropical island with your first sniff.

POG - Passionfruit - Orange - Guava!  (Most Popular!) Just like POG juice and POG Shave Ice, this blend is a tropical explosion that will whisk you away to your favorite island.

Stress Relief - Eucalyptus, spearmint and lavender essential oils are blended to calm and relieve stress.

Tahitian Vanilla - The perfect vanilla, no background notes, just pure unadulterated vanilla from the bean.  This one is always a favorite.

Tiare Gardenia - The scent of the Tahitian Tiare flower, the Tahitian Gardenia, is celebrated for its' lush fragrance and white blossoms.  The gardenia symbolizes love, harmony and grace.

Tuberose - Tuberose isn't a member of the rose family at all -- it invades your senses with an intoxicating white tropical floral fragrance like jasmine or ylang-ylang.   We've been told our Tuberose is true to the beautiful flower found in Hawaii.




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