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Spa Party

- And We'll Bring The Spa To You!

You’ve heard of Home Spa Parties, and now you would like to have one!  Just get your friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors together for a fun and  relaxing time, and we'll do the rest!
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This is how it works:
* Invite eight or more of your friends, family, workmates, and neighbors to your Home Spa Party.  Don’t forget to invite guys – they have skin, too!  You can even turn it into a "Couples Spa Party".  Just think of the possibilities!
* You and your guests will be pampered with two or three spa treatments during your event
* You’ll “ooh and aah” over amazing fragrances and awesome products
* As the Host, you earn free product credit based upon the total sales of your event

Sales Generated at Host’s Event

Host Rewards

Up to $350

10% of Sales

$351 - $750

15% of Sales

Over $750

20% of Sales

The Details
* Please designate an area for us to display our products.  An area about the size of a dining room table is usually all we need.
* We'll arrive about one hour prior to your party to set up and help you with any last minute details
* Offer refreshments to your guests
* We will bring everything necessary for you and your guests to have a Foot Spa Treatment, a Hand Sea Salt Soufflé & Body Polish Treatment, and a Facial Masquerade Party
* We do not charge a shipping, handling, or delivery fee on your purchases.  The only exception is when you have requested that we ship product to a third party, such as sending a gift
* Our products will be available to take home from your event.  
* If we run out of certain items, we will deliver them within one week
* Your event will be fun for everyone, all you have to do is relax and enjoy!
* Call Beth at (714) 901-3290 for date availability - we'll make your Spa Party a great success!



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