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Paul W. "My wife told me all she wants for her birthday is BodyTopia!  It sure makes things easy and thanks for the extra special birthday gift wrap.  No wonder she's your #1 fan!"
Michelle J. My order arrived today.  You have done it again!  The Shea Butter Hand & Body Lotions smell divine.  Thanks again for the great body care!  
Lynne H. "WOW - I already received the shipment and it's so wonderful to smell everything!!! You work magic with everything you create and I love it. Thank you so very much!"
Karrie W.
"I met you at the Orange County Swap Meet about a month ago and purchased your Heel & Sole Relief.  I am completely dependant on this item.  What a difference the first time I used it!"
Michelle J.
I am really impressed with the Amazing Face Moisturizer and It's About Time Eye Serum.  They are decadent to say the least.  I must admit I was not sure the quality would be this excellent because the prices are so affordable.  I cannot believe the size of the face cream.  Don't get me wrong I am not complaining.  I just truly want to thank you for making such beautiful, and fragrant products.  I usually place orders on the first of each month.  So look to hear from me from now on!
Felicia B. "I bought the Shea Butter Sugar Scrub and Body Whip at the Orange County Fair.  WOW!  I have extremely dry skin, and your product makes my skin feel so soft and moisturized.  I love it!"
Gina A.
Owner, The Skinny Institute
"I own a Spa and only carry the 'best of the best' products on the market.  When I used your Sea Salt Soufflé, I felt like I was at the Spa in my own bathroom!"   Your products are completely amazing and I'm going to carry your entire line."
Theresa L. "Congratulations of your new product, 'LIFT'.  I couldn't believe my eyes when I noticed an immediate difference on my skin.  It was visibly tighter looking and my pores seemed to have shrunk.  I'm going to order a year's supply right now!" 
Sandy M. "My face is so dry from the weather in Las Vegas that I've tried every face moisturizer on the market.  Your Amazing Face is the only product that succeeded in restoring life to my face!  Thanks so much for a remarkable product!"
Jim F. "I was skeptical when I bought your Heel & Toe Relief, and I am pleased to say it works like a charm!  My wife doesn't make me wear socks to bed anymore!"
Karen L. "Your Miracle Hand  Repair is underrated.  It should be God Send Hand Repair.  Wow!  I thought you would be pleased to know that the results were phenomenal."
Emily M. "I love the Roll-On Perfume.  It's wonderful!  Thank you so much - you have a customer for life"
Joyce C. "Your Amazing Face is amazing!
Tracy M. "Your Lotion with Shea Butter is the best on the planet!"
Sheri L. "I have been using the Amazing Face and the Heel & Toe Relief and have already noticed a BIG difference!"
Catherine S. "Thank you for such a fine product!  I am crazy about your Lotion with Shea Butter and recommend it to all my friends."
Sheryllyn M. "...I noticed that my eczema was beginning to show - just some tiny, liquid filled bumps, with a touch of itch. A few days later, when your products arrived, my eczema had become a reddening patch with a lot of bumps, and the itch had intensified.  I used a small  squeeze  of your new Emu Oil Lotion on it as soon as it arrived. Immediately the itch subsided! I used it once more during the day, and then before I went to bed.  The next morning, my eczema had completely retreated! There was no redness, no bumps, and NO itch! I use it each night now (or else the bumps reappear in the morning!)  I know eczema is an internal inflammation, and I know how to get rid of it, but it takes a while. Yet, it is wonderful to have something that relieves the external signs of it, and keeps my skin healthy, too!"
Joyce C. "Just wanted to tell you how much I love my Amazing Face Kit.  I am so happy with the results!  It makes my skin glow and is soft without being greasy.  I also love the Masque and the Hawaiian Red Clay Soap and the "It's About Time Eye Serum".  Another must-have!  Thanks so much for making this great stuff.  It is so important to take care of yourself and you make it so enjoyable!"
Patty C. "Your Emu Oil is a miracle for my daughter.  It doesn't burn when I put it on and she has immediate relief.  Thank you so much for helping me with that problem she has had since she was a little baby."
Julie M. "Beth, thank you so much for getting the Soap Petals to my mom so quickly.  She received them yesterday and was thrilled.  I appreciate your excellent service and quality products.  Thanks again."
Angie G. "I'm a new customer, my name is Angie and my sister turned me on to your Maui Beach Set.  Well, I love them!  I'm so used to using expensive stuff that most of the time doesn't show me any results.  With your products I see results and they smell wonderful.  Thank you."
Renata C. "I just love all your products. I just can't get enough.  I first learned about your products at the Street Fair in Orange a couple months ago. Anyway thank you so much for your offer to deliver it to me but sending through the mail is probably better. Thank You for making the best products in the world. You have a customer for life. My boyfriend even loves it!"
Cathy C. "I just opened up and really looked (and inhaled) the gift basket.  I must say, I almost wanted to eat the peppermint foot scrub! :-)  It is an amazing assortment of beautiful, classy soaps, lotions, potions, oils.  The words that kept coming to my mind were totally classy, amazing, wow!"

Bettina T.

"I tried the Maui Beach Sea Salt Soufflé and Body Polish and I LOVE THEM, they are just great!  You can totally feel the difference in wholesome natural ingredients products as opposed to the ones on the market that are full of alcohol and fillers.  I can't wait to meet you again, this time I'd like to try some other products as well as get the ginger-lime soufflé."
Nancy S. "...thank you so much! I love the Margaritaville Soap, the presentation is darling, and I'm sure my sister will be tickled by it.  Also, the soap fries are just adorable, and the Celtic soaps are GIGANTIC and so elegant. What value! You're just the best..  I love weird, unique, lovely items -- especially for gifts -- and everybody has to use soap sometime, right? :)"
Nancy S. "The Jubilee Soap arrived today and they are darling, they ARE purple and gold! I hope you didn't go mix up purple color just for me, any color you had would've been fine for the little jewels. But they are so lovely -- very nice quality, and smell delightful.  And I was very thrilled to receive the Irish Cream sample. I was dumping out the peanuts and that Claddagh fell out, I was so excited! Very beautiful. I hope your business does well, I will gladly recommend it, and you. I expect I'll buy again!"



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